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Electric Blanket Cardinella LUX, 105 х 150, model 09


Cardinella LUX electric blanket 105 x 150 cm is intended to be used to heat a double bed or another type of bed.


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Electric blanket, which is known to be useful in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, protects you from the cold and humid air that causes diseases.

This kind of products is used for heating the bed and removing moisture. It calms the symptoms and is recommended for arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases.

The best and most economical way to warm yourself on cold winter nights is, without a doubt, an electric blanket.

Cardinella  is one of the most important brands in the sector.

Cardinella under electric blanket has a two-stage switch. Both sides are made of patterned fabric in a different style. This product has two sides and can be used on the desired side.

Product composition

The front part - polyester cotton
Filling - polyester wadding
Key - in two stages

Always read the user manual before using the product. This product is not intended for covering.

What Are The Pros And Cons of a Heated Blanket?

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További információk

Tömeg ,85 kg
Méretek 45 × 45 × 6,5 cm

elektromos takaró a fedélhez


105 cm


150 cm


70 W

Power Levels:



Pamut, poliészter



Use for:

Hátfájás, Fűtés, Reuma

Body part:

Vissza, Test, Láb


Model 09


BDS EN 60335-2-17:2013


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Electric Blanket Cardinella LUX, 105 х 150, model 09

Millions of people prefer electric blankets to keep their bed warm and sleep better in cold weather.

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