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Electric Blanket Cardinella SLIM

Known to be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, the electric blanket protects you from the cold and humid air that causes diseases.

Cardinella electric heaters are used to heat the mattress and remove moisture. It soothes symptoms and is recommended for arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases.

The best and most economical way to stay warm on cold winter nights is undoubtedly the electric blanket.

Cardinella brand is one of the most important brands in the industry.

Electric Blankets Cardinella SLIM  are two-stage or timed controller is available.

Always read the user manual before using the product. Cardinella electric heaters are not designed to be covered.


It is a trading company that has been producing Bulgarian electric blankets under the Cardinella brand for over 15 years. domtex BG Ltd. strives to produce quality products that meet customer requirements. Domtex.BG Ltd. develops new products over time and in line with market demand. The company conducts a certified laboratory test each year to certify the quality and safety of use of its products.

Domtex.BG Ltd. The principles of the team are:




Electric Blanket Cardinella LUX, 105 х 150, model 09

Millions of people prefer electric blankets to keep their bed warm and sleep better in cold weather.

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